The Front Door

The Front Door to any house is the landing pad to your home. It is where all of the world comes to visit, where family crosses to your domain, where friends ring your doorbell and where you let loose with a sigh of relief at the end of a day at the office. For us... Continue Reading →


Makeshift Kitchen to Real Kitchen

Let's face it boys and girls, the kitchen is the world's gather spot. It's the first place we always go when we come home from being out of the house. It's the place where we always seem to end up with our guests, where we converse, where we plan, where we share our love, hope... Continue Reading →

Nature vs. Man

In the first five years, the driveway was thorn in my side. It was my nemesis, is was the bane of my existence. Thankfully, some things can be fixed, with the right amount of money. Also thankfully, my tax returns have always been generous enough to allow me to do some things. This particular year,... Continue Reading →

From Box to House

The original size of the cabin was 20'x20'. Literally, a box with a roof. It was a studded, no insulation, no electric, no plumbing, no flooring box with a roof. Realizing this wouldn't work for long, the plans were drafted....literally by me (I'm a draftsman by trade), to expand the box into a more livable... Continue Reading →

The Expense of the Expanse

One of the greatest joys of owning a large tract of land is actually being there. One of the worst hardships of owning a large tract of land, is NOT being able to be there. In fact, it is the most infuriating part, for me. While I plan, in my head and on my calendar,... Continue Reading →

Poop and Poop Management

By November of 2004 I've had enough of using the Port-o-potti. Done. Tired of using it, tired of thawing it out, tired of emptying it, just.... just Ew. While it was a... Godsend, for lack of a better word, it was, ironically, a pain in the ass. Not to be rude or insulting, but if... Continue Reading →

Just a little Snow

Sometimes it snows. But sometimes, it snows.  From May 2002 through to December of 2003, the biggest/deepest snowfall we got on the ranch was 4 inches. That was amid a drought and I actually praise the dryness we experienced then. Looking back, it was a blessing in disguise. That changed in the winter of 2003-2004... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Mud Season

As we enter Spring, I am reminded that on the Blue Mouse Ranch there are five seasons. Six or seven if you want to include the different type of insects and when they happen. Aside from the usual suspects; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. There is Mud. That season takes place between Spring and Summer.... Continue Reading →

What’s In A Name?

Most people who own what many would call a "Camp" in the woods somewhere, often winterize there cabin/house/shed/box after the last "legal" shots are fired at the end of hunting season. Usually around Thanksgiving or very shortly thereafter, owners will drain every pipe and bucket break out their anti-freeze fill each pipe. Some crafting the... Continue Reading →

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