The Fire-Pit Social

If you own land, are out in the middle of nowhere or just like to be outside at night in your yard staring up at the night sky, you must have a fire pit. Here is where you release all of that which clogs your brain, your soul, your spirit and your day. This is... Continue Reading →


The State of Flux

Change, I am told, is good and on the Blue Mouse Ranch, change is constant. As the title implies, the state of the ranch is a constant state of flux. It is with great hope and belief that this flux is good and aims to bring about more comfort to our little haven. And comfort,... Continue Reading →

Fuzzy Kids

In all the years we've been at the ranch, our two daughters have never been there. One of our three grand daughters has been once, both of my brothers once each, my mother-in-law once, my mother has been several times. Now although the people in our lives haven't made the trek that often, it has... Continue Reading →

The Getting There

I don't know what it is about me, but I go through vehicles like a can of Coke. Not that I destroy them or abuse them badly or crash them into oblivion. I always take care of my vehicles. But I use them. "Use" is the operative word here. I use my vehicles as they... Continue Reading →

The Calendar

From 2006 to 2010, I used to do a ranch calendar that I would give as Christmas presents to friends and family. Since I have thousands, yes, thousands of pictures of the ranch dating back to 2001 encapsulated on my hard drive, I would scour through them and pick 12 pictures to represent each month... Continue Reading →

The Bells of Summer

In all of the years that we've had the ranch, there is one thing that I have always wanted to do. It is the one thing the majority of America takes for granted, that only country folk can truly appreciate. It is the one thing that I have been unable to do because of construction,... Continue Reading →

Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow

The months of April and May, on the Calendar, are considered "Spring" months. Come the end of June, on the 21st, Summer begins, according to┬ámeteorological science and the Calendar. Those of us here in Burlington Flats know that these things do not apply to us.For us, Spring actually begins in June, maybe and it is... Continue Reading →

Wind, Sun and Failure

Sunshine. Glorious, warm, welcoming sunshine. It brings life, promotes life, brightens our day and if used correctly, provides lights and power for us. Then there is wind, seemingly always coming out of the west, we can capitalize on this to our advantage for many purposes, one of which is power. The Ranch is in a... Continue Reading →

Heave Ho!

I have been to many places around the world. Some don't get cold, some don't get really warm and others fall in that zone where there are actually four yearly seasons. Here in upstate New York, we have twelve seasons and each come with their own special traits. Mud season, as previously outlined, will continue... Continue Reading →

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