Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow

The months of April and May, on the Calendar, are considered "Spring" months. Come the end of June, on the 21st, Summer begins, according to┬ámeteorological science and the Calendar. Those of us here in Burlington Flats know that these things do not apply to us.For us, Spring actually begins in June, maybe and it is... Continue Reading →


Wind, Sun and Failure

Sunshine. Glorious, warm, welcoming sunshine. It brings life, promotes life, brightens our day and if used correctly, provides lights and power for us. Then there is wind, seemingly always coming out of the west, we can capitalize on this to our advantage for many purposes, one of which is power. The Ranch is in a... Continue Reading →

Heave Ho!

I have been to many places around the world. Some don't get cold, some don't get really warm and others fall in that zone where there are actually four yearly seasons. Here in upstate New York, we have twelve seasons and each come with their own special traits. Mud season, as previously outlined, will continue... Continue Reading →

It’s the simple things

This time of year, three things are a guarantee here in central New York State. It's going to get sub-zero cold, it's going to snow and you're going to have to use the toilet. Sadly, it is likely these things will happen at the same time. It is during the months of December through March... Continue Reading →

Looking Back on 2018

I had words with 2018 and sadly, not all of them were good. 2018, like 2017, had an issue with me making trips to the ranch regularly and well, that caused problems. Not problems that would cause me a surmountable amount of grief, but more of that long labored sigh roll the eyes kind of... Continue Reading →

New Year, old issue

First, let me apologize for the long, long, long delay in getting a new post out. Life has been tremendously busy. Aside from being a tad scatterbrained, I sometimes believe, as do many in my family, that I am a tad ADHD. Suffice to say, I'm all over the place and I have my hands... Continue Reading →

The Front Door

The Front Door to any house is the landing pad to your home. It is where all of the world comes to visit, where family crosses to your domain, where friends ring your doorbell and where you let loose with a sigh of relief at the end of a day at the office. For us... Continue Reading →

Makeshift Kitchen to Real Kitchen

Let's face it boys and girls, the kitchen is the world's gather spot. It's the first place we always go when we come home from being out of the house. It's the place where we always seem to end up with our guests, where we converse, where we plan, where we share our love, hope... Continue Reading →

Nature vs. Man

In the first five years, the driveway was thorn in my side. It was my nemesis, is was the bane of my existence. Thankfully, some things can be fixed, with the right amount of money. Also thankfully, my tax returns have always been generous enough to allow me to do some things. This particular year,... Continue Reading →

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